Autorunner is small application for removable media / storage devices (burnable CDs / DVDs, USB flash drives, ...) that use the Windows AutoRun feature.

Autorunner extends the AutoRun feature to better support launching files with the autorun.inf file and fixes some of its shortcomings giving you much better control over what files you can open and how the files are opened with the autorun.inf file.

Autorunner is open source and free for personal and commercial use.

CCleaner Portable

CCleaner Portable is a portable wrapper/launcher for CCleaner version 1.x series. CCleaner Portable allows CCleaner to be used from a removable drive (flash drive, CD, DVD...) CCPortable debug window

CCleaner Portable is open source and free for personal and commercial use.

Note: This project has been discontinued. Since version 2.0 CCleaner is natively portable and using this launcher is no longer necessary.

Last Known Good Time

Last Known Good Time is really simple application that displays the time that the Last Known Good configuration recovery point was created.

Last Known Good is a recovery mechanisms in Windows NT operating systems that allows the user to boot the system with the most recent settings that worked.

Unfortunately Windows doesn't show anywhere the time when Last Known Good Configuration recovery point was created. Recovering a really old Last Known Good control set could potentially cause more problems than it solves.

Last Known Good Time works on Windows NT based systems (2000/XP/2003/Vista/7).

MD5 search

MD5 search is a simple command-line tool that allows you to search files by specific MD5 checksum.

You can search files by specifying MD5 hash or a filename. When searching with filename, MD5 search will first calculate the MD5 hash for the file and search files with the same file size and MD5 checksum.

Pending File Moves

Pending File Moves is a simple application that displays a list of pending file rename/delete operations, that take place the next time the system boots.

Often when installing software updates, such as service packs and hotfixes, reboot is required after the install. Pending file rename/delete operation is usually the reason behind the reboot.

Pending File Moves can often show you why you need to reboot after installing something.

SendTo MD5

SendTo MD5 is a small application that allows you to calculate and compare MD5 checksums of files and strings. With SendTo MD5 you can easily check the integrity of files, compare different MD5 hashes, calculate the MD5 checksum of a string, search files with a specific MD5 checksum or simply check if two or more files are identical.

SendTo MD5 supports file drag-and-drop operations and can also be integrated in the file Context menu or in Windows Send To menu for easy access from Windows Explorer.

SendTo MD5 works on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.

SendTo MD5 mini window SendTo MD5 expanded window SendTo MD5 hash compare

Steam Friends Cache Cleaner

Steam Friends Cache Cleaner is small application that allows you to delete the Steam client friends registry cache.

The friends registry cache in Steam is flawed in a way that it never purges itself and the cache keeps entries for every player you've ever been in a server with.

Note: This is no longer an issue on new versions of Steam client. If you have used Steam before the Steam 2010 UI update you may want to clean the cache one last time.


SteamHttpCacheView is an application that reads the contents of the httpcache folder of Steam client, and display the list of all files stored in the cache. For each cache file, it shows the URL of the file, time the file SteamHttpCacheView was requested from the server, last modified time on the server, cache file expiration time and more.

With SteamHttpCacheView you can also extract the selected cache files to a different folder, delete files from the cache, open the original URL in a browser, copy items from the list to the clipboard or save them into a file.

SteamHttpCacheView works on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8.


Unsigntool is a small command-line tool that can remove digital signatures (certificates) from Windows PE (Portable Executable: .exe, .dll, .sys, ...) files.

Removing the certificate from PE file may come in handy if you need to re-sign the file with different certificate or if the certificate is invalid or outdated. Also modifying a signed file in any way will invalidate the signature and removing the certificate is a good idea to avoid bogus warnings or other unexpected problems.

Unsigntool works with both 32-bit and 64-bit executables.

VNC Hooks Manager

VNC Hooks Manager is small application for editing the default RealVNC and TightVNC advanced application hook settings. VNC Hooks Manager

RealVNC and TightVNC uses special window hooks to decide which areas of the window needs to be checked for updates, with VNC Hooks Manager you can edit all the specific update notification methods used for particular applications. These settings are listed under the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ORL\VNCHooks\Application_Prefs registry key.

VNC Hooks Manager works on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.

XnView file association manager

XnView file association manager (or xfam) is an alternative for XnView's build in association manager. In addition to creating, deleting and restoring XnView associations, you can also use set of custom file type icons to replace the default XnView file type icons and you can create new menu items in the right-click context menu of the associated file types.

Xfam isn't meant to be a full replacement for XnView's own association manager. Associations created by xfam are compatible with XnView v1.9 or newer and only the most used file types are supported.

XFAM start window XFAM create associations XFAM association list XFAM icon sets

XnView Tweak UI

XnView Tweak UI is graphical user interface build around the ui-less settings in XnView.

UI-less settings are hidden options in XnView that are not shown on XnView's options dialog. With this tool you can access these options using a graphical user interface without having to manually edit XnView configuration files.

With XnView Tweak UI you can change the XnView behaviour and appearance, hide and disable features, extend XnView features and much more...

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