HTML Tidy for Windows

HTML Tidy is an excellent tool for web developers that is designed to clean up and fix mistakes in HTML code and much more.

» HTML Tidy for Windows

PHP Directory Listing

Preview of my PHP directory listing script with thumbnail support. Use it to browse through this web site and find stuff that is not yet added to the main web site.

» PHP Directory Listing

MinGW Developer Studio

MinGW Developer Studio is a great C/C++ IDE for MinGW, that I use to build most of my tools. Here you can download the latest version of MinGW Developer Studio with updated MinGW compiler.

» MinGW Developer Studio

GenuineCheck for Windows 2000

Microsoft has decided not to support Windows 2000 with their Genuine Windows Validation Tool. However older versions of GenuineCheck.exe still works with Windows 2000.

» GenuineCheck for Windows 2000

Password List Search Pages

On Oct 13, 2007 a list containing almost 79,000 usernames and passwords for various Finnish websites and on Mar 23, 2010 a list containing over 127,000 usernames and passwords for Finnish game and quiz site, Älypää (alypaa.com), was released on the Internet. With these search pages you can search your own user account information from the lists. (Search pages are in Finnish)

» 2007 Password List Search
» Älypää Password List Search

Undocumented Windows 95

When Geocities closed on 2009, many great sites disappeared from the internet for good. James Holderness website about undocumented Windows 95 functions was one of them. Fortunately I got the whole site mirrored here.

» Undocumented Windows 95

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