Sysinternals utilities are advanced system monitoring and diagnosis tools for troubleshooting Windows systems and applications.
NirSoft utilities is an unique collection of free system utilities and password recovery tools developed by Nir Sofer.
Dependency Walker is a free troubleshooting tool that list all dependent modules and imported and exported functions of any Windows portable executable file.
OllyDbg is an x86 Windows debugger for reverse engineering and analysing binary code when source code is not available.
MinGW, Minimalist GNU for Windows, is a free Win32 port of the GNU Compiler Collection, for developing native Windows applications.
GRC, Gibson Research Corporation, is a great resource of Windows security related articles, services and software.
Home of Pelles C, a free complete development environment for Windows and Windows Mobile programming in the C language.
NSIS, Nullsoft Scriptable Install System, is a free open source system for creating installers for Windows that are as small and flexible as possible.
theForger's Win32 API tutorial is an excellent tutorial to Windows application development with the C/C++ programming languages.
Bob Moore's coding tips is a great collection of Windows programming tutorials and articles written by Bob Moore. is a huge open source software development web site that provides project management and hosting for thousands of open source projects. is an excellent a collection of Win32 C/C++ programming tutorials that mostly concentrate on interface programming for Windows.
Flo's freeware is a small collection of freeware and open source tools for Windows written by Florian Balmer.
DOSBox is a free open source DOS-emulator which is especially intended for running old DOS games on platforms which don't have DOS.
TightVNC is a free open source cross-platform remote desktop software that is compatible with other VNC clients and servers.
XnView is a free image viewing and converting software with support for more than 400 graphics file formats.
ImgBurn is a free lightweight optical disc burning application that supports wide range of image file formats.
Sumatra PDF is a free, open source, lightweight PDF reader for Windows, that also supports a range of other document file formats.

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