SendTo MD5 v1.5 Jul 28, 2013
This update to SendTo MD5, a small tool for calculating, comparing and searching MD5 checksums, improves checksum calculation of multiple files and searching files on 64-bit Windows versions, and fixes few bugs on the status button.

Full list of changes:
- Improved checksum calculation of multiple files.
  Added new option to pause checksum calculation after every file or after a matching
  checksum is found when hashing multiple files.
- Status text now shows the number of files in the queue when hashing multiple files.
- Searching files now works in similar way as when hashing multiple files.
- Improved support for 64-bit Windows versions when searching.
- Fixed a bug where the status button text would get stuck on "cancel" text.
- Fixed status button drawing on pushed state and flickering issue when hovering the button.
- Other minor improvements and fixes.
MD5 search v0.5 Jul 28, 2013
This update to MD5 search fixes a potential crash on 64-bit Windows versions. If you are still experiencing crashes 64-bit Windows, please contact me so I can fix the issue.

Full list of changes:
- Fixed potential crash on 64-bit Windows versions.
Unsigntool v0.6 Jun 14, 2013
This update to Unsigntool, a command-line tool that can remove digital signatures from executable and DLL files, now checks the file security directory for basic certificate data before un-signing the file, and fixes a bug where un-signing a file that does not have the PE checksum set and using the -b switch to not to create a backup file and would break the file.

Full list of changes:
- The security directory is now checked for certificate data before un-signing.
- Added new -f switch to bypass the certificate table check.
- Fixed a bug where un-signing certain files with the -b switch could break the file.
- Other minor output changes and fixes.
SteamHttpCacheView v1.01 Jun 8, 2013
This SteamHttpCacheView update addresses a problem where the 'File Size' column was empty for some files because the 'Content-Length' header value is not set in the cache file. Steam started recently using Varnish HTTP accelerator on some of the servers and it seems that Varnish strips the 'Content-Length' header from the response.

Full list of changes:
- The value for 'File Size' column is now taken from the actual file data size when the 'Content-Length' is not present in the response headers.
- Last modified time of the extracted files are now set according to the Last Modified time shown on the list.
- Changed the message shown when the cache folder is not found or cannot be accessed.
- Fixed a bug where closing the application by selecting 'Exit' from the menu would not work.
- Fixed a problem that prevented Enter shortcut key from working.
SteamHttpCacheView v1.0 May 11, 2013
SteamHttpCacheView is an new application that reads the contents of the http cache folder of Steam client, and displays a list of all files stored in the cache. For each cache file, it shows the URL of the file, time the file was requested from the server, last modified time on the server, cache file expiration time and more.

With SteamHttpCacheView you can easily extract the selected cache files to a different folder, copy items from the list to the clipboard or save them into a file.

As for now, I didn't release the source code for SteamHttpCacheView, but I will release it later on. However, I am considering releasing it under a different, more restrictive, license.

I should also mention that SteamHttpCacheView is heavily influenced by NirSoft tools (ChromeCacheView to be more precise).
Website not accessible outside Finland Apr 28, 2013
In recent months, my website has been inaccessible to users outside Finland for long periods of time.

I have no idea why this is happening, but i think it has something to do with the DDoS attacks a few months back against some of the big websites hosted by the same host as mine. The host's sledgehammer approach was to be block all connections coming from outside Finland which is really annoying, as they also seem to block connections to websites not targeted by the attack.
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