MinGW Developer Studio 2.05 r10 Jan 1, 2015
I have updated MinGW Developer Studio Installers to include the latest version of Binutils packages and the latest version of ResEd resource editor. The experimental version also includes the latest version of GCC 4.8 packages.

I have also updated the installers to add file associations to the Default Programs interface on Windows Vista and newer, and the MinGWStudio executable manifest now includes OS compatibility info for Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 to prevent the Program Compatibility Assistant from running in some cases after closing MinGWStudio.
SteamHttpCacheView v1.06 Dec 29, 2014
This SteamHttpCacheView update fixes an issue where "Cache file header is out of bounds" error is shown when reading a cache file with long HTTP header fields. This error has become more frequent recently, because of long 'Content-Security-Policy' headers added to some files.

Full list of changes:
- Increase the buffer size when reading cache file headers to avoid "out of bounds" errors.
- Files with errors are no longer added to the list.
- Fixed list save file formatting error when the first column was not the Filename column.
- Fixed a bug where incorrect window size/position was saved in some cases.
Unsigntool v0.8 Mar 31, 2014
This update to Unsigntool improves the certificate table check, changes error messages skipped by -f switch to warnings, and adds version information to the unsigntool executable (Hopefully this will fix a false positive problem by Symantec's reputation system).

Full list of changes:
- Improved the certificate table check.
- Errors are shown as warnings when the error is skipped by -f switch.
- Added version information to the executable file.
SendTo MD5 v1.6 Feb 9, 2014
This update to SendTo MD5 changes the threading code to use a single worker thread for all files in the hash queue, instead of using separate threads for each file. This change fixes a number of issues, slightly improves performance and uses system less system resources.

Also, on this version the MD5 Benchmark will now show more useful results, however the MD5 benchmark still measures the 'real world' file hashing speed including file read time, which generally is not that useful info, so the MD5 Benchmark feature is removed from the main menu and can only be accessed by using the (Ctrl+B) keyboard shortcut.

Full list of changes:
- Changed the threading code to use a single worker thread.
- Changed the MD5 benchmark output to show more useful and readable info.
- Removed 'MD5 Benchmark' from the main menu, as it's still not that useful.
- Trying to close the application while operation is running, will now cancel all operations in the queue.
- Changed the default highlight colors to be more distinguishable from one another.
- Fixed a deadlock issue when adding thousands of files to the hash operation queue.
- Fixed a bug where in rare cases continuing search operation would actually cancel the operation.
- Fixed a bug where hash search would skip a file if its filename starts with two dot (..) characters.
- Fixed a bug where canceling a benchmark operation would display an error.
- Numerous other minor tweaks and fixes.
Unsigntool v0.7 Dec 23, 2013
This Unsigntool update adds support for files that use forced integrity checking. Files that use forced integrity checking are checked for valid digital signatures before the file is loaded and removing the digital signature from such files prevents the file from loading on Windows Vista and above. Unsigntool now can remove the forced integrity checking flag from the PE file header so that the file can be used after the file is unsigned.

Full list of changes:
- Added support for PE files that use forced integrity checking.
- Files with forced integrity checking can now be unsigned with the -f switch.
SteamHttpCacheView v1.05 Sep 26, 2013
This SteamHttpCacheView update adds support for viewing Picture cache folder without needing to manually change the cache folder path. You can switch between Main cache and Big Picture cache by selecting a cache folder from the View menu. This update also adds HTML list export format, changes the way some cache load errors are displayed and fixes a bunch of issues and bugs.

Full list of changes:
- Added support for viewing Picture cache folder without manually changing the cache folder path.
- Added support for saving the list to a HTML file.
- Cache folder access error messages are now displayed on top of the list view.
- Select Cache Folder dialog now remembers the last used custom directory.
- Filename extension is now detected by the Content-Type header and added to the filename if it is missing.
- Illegal characters in filenames are now replaced with an underscore character when extracting cache files.
- Improved cache loading speed when refreshing the list.
- Fixed a bug where sorting the list by date could fail if the date format included 'era' indicator.
- Fixed bug where date sorting failed to get the actual two digit year range for date formats that use two digit years.
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