Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have / Where can I get the MinGW Developer Studio source code?

I do not have the source code. MinGW Developer Studio has never been open source, and there is no source code available for the public. However the MinGW compiler system is open source and it is publicly available.

Is MinGW Developer Studio IDE still being developed?

As far as I know the IDE has been discontinued and the author has no plans to continue the development of MinGW Developer Studio.

Why do I receive 'No debug information found' warning when debugging a debug build?

This is a known issue with the GCC4 version. By default, GCC4 uses a debug format that is incompatible with MinGW Developer Studio. To solve this, you can change the debugging information to a compatible format by adding "-gstabs" switch to the "Extra compiling options" in the debug project settings. To set the debug level (1, 2 or 3) use -gstabslevel switch e.g."-gstabs3".

Why I get an error about missing libstdc++-6.dll file when running my program?

GCC4 dynamically link to libgcc and libstdc++ libraries by default which means that you need a copy of libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll and libstdc++-6.dll files to run your programs build with the GCC4 version (These files can be found in MinGW\bin directory). To remove these DLL dependencies, statically link the libraries to your application by adding "-static-libgcc -static-libstdc++" to your "Extra linking options" in the project settings.

Why do I receive an error when compiling a sample project?

Make sure that the sample projects are not located in Program Files directory. Applications cannot write to Program Files when run with normal user privileges. On Windows Vista or newer, even if you use an administrator account, applications still run with normal user privileges unless the application is elevated. To solve this, move the "Samples" folder to a directory where you can write with normal user privileges. On new installers the sample projects are no longer installed in the Program Files directory by default.


How can I set linker options with MinGW Developer Studio?

Add the linker options to "Extra linking options" in the project settings. MinGW Developer Studio doesn't call the linker directly when linking a project so you need to use the "-Wl,<options>" switch to set the options.

Examples: Set size of heap and stack reserve "-Wl,--heap,2097152,--stack,4194304", set large address aware flag "-Wl,--large-address-aware", set image base address "-Wl,--image-base,358612992".

How can I update the MinGW compiler system manually?

Download the MinGW packages from here and extract the files in the MinGW directory. To get everything you need download the bin archives of these packages: GCC (gcc-core, gcc-g++, gcc-objc and for GCC4 you also need libgcc, libobjc, libstdc++), Binutils, Windows32 API (w32api-dev), MinGW Runtime (mingw32-dev and mingw32-dll), GNU Debugger (version 6.3-2 is recommended for MinGW Developer Studio), GNU Make and for GCC4 you also need libiconv, libgmp, libintl, libmpc, libmpfr, pthreads-w32 (libpthreadgc and pthreads-32-dev).

How to setup SDL libraries in MinGW Developer Studio.

Lazy Foo' has written step by step guides on how to setup SDL in MinGW Developer Studio: Setting up SDL in MinGW Developer Studio and Setting up SDL Extension Libraries in MinGW Developer Studio.

Known Issues

Changes made to the output window style settings will not stick.

Some changes made to the output window font style and color settings are reset to defaults after MinGW Developer Studio is restarted. These settings are not properly saved in / loaded from the MinGWStudio.ini file.

Pasting text from another program to MinGW Studio may not work.

User has reported that pasting text to MinGW Developer Studio window doesn't sometimes work when the text is copied from some other program. This most likely happens because MinGW Developer Studio uses wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows) for manipulating the clipboard.

MinGW Developer Studio may crash when debugging a project.

Debugging with MinGW Developer Studio can be a little rough. MinGW Studio crashes if the GNU debugger quits unexpectedly or crashes while debugging a project. MinGW Studio can also "lose track" of the debugger process, in which case the debugger may be left running in the background. MinGW Developer Studio uses an older version of GNU debugger because the newer versions are not compatible with MinGW Developer Studio.

Viewing Win32 API Help on Windows Vista or newer.

Viewing the old format hlp file does not work on new Windows systems without a patch.

MinGW Developer Studio settings are saved in profile folder.

MinGW Developer Studio saves its settings (MinGWStudio.ini file) in the root of the user profile folder, which is technically incorrect, but it works just as well.

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