MinGW Developer Studio website Mar 23, 2012
Today, I got excited when I saw the official MinGW Developer Studio website was back online. But the excitement faded away quickly when I noticed that the website has been turned into a splog and the domain is no longer registered to the original author.

One more nail in the coffin for MinGW Developer Studio. :(
Not going down, yay! Mar 12, 2012
I got a new subscription for MBnet and after contacting the MBnet customer service, they moved my old user accounts under my new subscription before they expired.

A big thanks to all who offered their help and suggestions.
Site going down? Maybe Feb 8, 2012
Due to some unfortunate events, this site could go down for good. I'm currently looking for replacement host for my site, but finding a cheap host as good as, is turning out surprisingly hard.

I could end up using again, but in this case I would still have to use another url ( for my site as urls cannot be re-register for six months.
MD5 search v0.2 Dec 28, 2011
This update to MD5 search adds an option to only search for files that are within a specified size range and an option to ignore the file size when searching with filename.

Full list of changes:
- Added -r command for searching files that are within a specified size range.
- Added -n command to ignore the file size when searching MD5 with a filename.
Pending File Moves v0.12.1 Nov 29, 2011
This update to Pending File Moves, a tool that lists all pending file rename / delete operations, adds new file status text in the properties dialog that shows the error message when the source file cannot be accessed.

Full list of changes:
- Added source file status text in the properties dialog.
- Items are no longer highlighted if a source file is found, but cannot be accessed for some other reason.
- Fixed a bug where long filenames were truncated when saving the list to a file.
- Fixed a problem that could cause the empty text to be clipped in high DPI modes.
- Other minor fixes and changes.
MD5 search v0.1 Nov 27, 2011
MD5 search is a command-line version of the search feature in SendTo MD5, that allows you to search files by specific MD5 checksum.

You can search files by specifying MD5 hash or a filename. When searching with filename, MD5 search will first calculate the MD5 hash for the file and search files with the same file size and MD5 checksum.
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