MD5 search v0.4 Mar 31, 2013
This update to MD5 search fixes bug where in rare cases files were skipped when searching and fixes bug when searching files with a filename.

Full list of changes:
- Fixed bug where MD5 search would skip a file if its filename starts with two dot (..) characters.
- Fixed bug when searching with a filename where the file could not be opened if the file was in the 64-bit system32 directory.
Pending File Moves v0.13 Feb 28, 2013
This update to Pending File Moves, a small tool that lists pending file rename / delete operations that take place at the next reboot, adds a new option to copy the list contents to clipboard and on 64-bit Windows versions files that are in 64-bit directories are no longer shown missing when the file actually exist.

Full list of changes:
- Improved support with 64-bit Windows versions (files in 64-bit directories are now handled correctly).
- Added option in context menu to copy the list contents to clipboard.
- Other minor tweaks and changes.
MD5 search v0.3 Jan 31, 2013
This update to MD5 search, a small command-line tool for searching files with a specific MD5 checksum, adds a support for 64-bit Windows versions, meaning that MD5 search now find files located in the 64-bit System32 folder when searching, and fixes a bug with the '-n' switch.

Full list of changes:
- Added support for 64-bit Windows versions (finds files in 64-bit system32 folder).
- Fixed the -n command not working because it used the wrong switch.
SendTo MD5 v1.4 Dec 31, 2012
This update to SendTo MD5, a small tool for calculating, comparing and searching MD5 checksums, adds an option to cancel the file hash and search operations and improves hash string window so that the text edit control accepts the Enter key.

Full list of changes:
- File hash and search operations can now be canceled by the user.
  Status text works as a "cancel" button, while calculating or searching checksum.
- Improved the hash string window.
- Fixed a minor bug when starting operation from the command-line.
- Other minor tweaks and bug fixes.
MinGW Developer Studio 2.05 r9 Dec 23, 2012
This update to MinGW Developer Studio Installers add the latest versions of Binutils and GNU Make packages to the installers. The experimental installer also includes the latest versions of GCC4 packages.

I made more changes to the installation process too. The installer now set the default project output directory to "<My Documents>\MinGW Studio Projects" if the output directory is not already set. Previously MinGW Developer Studio set the default project output directory to its own working directory, which usually is in Program Files. This then could lead to problems because applications cannot write to Program Files with normal user privileges.

I have also written a small help page for MinGW Developer Studio with Frequently Asked Questions, How To's and list of known issues. Feel free to send me your own questions in here.
MinGW Developer Studio 2.05 r8 Jul 24, 2012
I have updated MinGW Developer Studio Installers with latest MinGW packages by request. This update adds new versions of Binutils, MinGW Runtime Libraries and the experimental installer also includes the latest GCC 4.7 packages.

I also made few changes to the installers to better support Windows 7 and Vista. The sample projects are now installed in the <My Documents>\MinGW Studio Projects folder instead of the program folder and I updated the exe manifest to prevent virtualization (a.k.a. data redirection).

Edit: Some code no longer compiled on this release. I have reverted to previous version of MinGW runtime libraries to fix the issue. Thanks to Toni for reporting the problem.
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